some queries regarding license polocies

some queries regarding license polocies

Postby Rahul » Tue Mar 20, 2012 1:02 am


I have tested the demo long before when it was in beta, and like it too.
Now I hope it has grown more and may have better features now.
I checked the license comparison page and have few queries as under.-
1. can i buy only i speech?
2. what is the meaning number of project=one? I can use it to develop only one project?
what if I am not making a game but small small 3d interactive, which are very small to be called a title?

Please reply to this queries asap.

Trial License
Trial License
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Re: some queries regarding license polocies

Postby Lyrical » Tue Mar 20, 2012 12:39 pm

Hi Rahul,
Nice to hear from you again.

The current status of iDirect + iSpeech is released with support direct from myself.
I can arrange for an iSpeech only version for you which is licensed as follows

iSpeech Studio component licenses is $800
iSpeech Developer component License $1600

Can you let me know via email how your project is broken up which will enable us to
give me a better understanding on how you will be using the iSpeech component.

iSpeech and iDirect are currently being used for US Military simulations and have been tested and tweeked
throughout their developments. New features have been introduced recently including a new emotion system
which allow you now to call the ActorAnimation by name rather than having just Happy/Sad/Angry available.

Web updates have also been introduced to allow for dynamic loading of the components then manually initialising the component
to ensure all animations are correctly setup before speech takes place.

My Skype name is "NomadMellock" if you would like to discuss in more private about your products.

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