iDirect New Features

iDirect New Features

Postby Lyrical » Mon Sep 12, 2011 5:38 pm

Hello All,

I'd just like to share with you some of the new developments with iDirect
There are 3 new developments i'm going to go through with you.

1. Updated rotation setup, This is just some optimisations and re-structuring
demo can be seen
Essentially you can opt to do the rotation at the start for the transition to the next marker
or you can opt to have the rotation done when you reach the marker.
timings for both speed and time will need to be experimented to get the right result

2. Bezier Path, A single option "Use Bezier Path" can be selected, This will turn the linear debug
into a bezier debug, what you see in the debug now will be the actual path the iDirect_Traveller will take.
Previously all debug paths are shown but you could only go directly to each marker.

3. Terrain Following, Slightly different setup for the model as the main iDirect_Traveller is the Root GameObject and
the character model is nested under the iDirect_Traveller GameObject. You need to select the "Place On Terrain" check box
along with assigning the character model to the "Traveller Object" property, This Traveller Object is the object that will be placed on the terrain
There is also a "Traveller Offset" to align your character model.
take a look at this demo which shows both the terrain and bezier paths for smoother transitions around markers

Hope you like these updates
I will be starting distribution of the Evaluation iDirect.dll within the next day or two after some additional testing.
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